When you arrive at Bluebell Farm, you will be greeted by a member of the family or a member of our team. You will be offered a basket or a punnet for each type of fruit you are wanting to pick, and they will explain where the best place to pick that day is. When you have finished make your way back to the hut where each punnet / basket will be weighed and the appropriate £/kg for the fruit will be charged. We take cash and debit cards.

Please note that the large cardboard boxes are included in the weight of your first purchase of fruit, approx. 40p. After that when you bring your basket back, please inform the person on the till prior to picking so they can take 40p off the price. You are welcome to bring your own containers, which will be weighed prior to picking, and then the amount deducted when you pay.  

Before setting off into the field, please make sure that you have put your car keys in a safe place, it has been known for people to loose keys, rings, phones and debit cards in the field.

The farm is a non-smoking area and dogs are not allowed in the fruit fields, with the exception of guide dogs.

We ask that all children are under supervision as it is a working farm.

What we grow

In 2000 we started the PYO field with Florence and Symphony strawberry varieties, since then we have diversified into a range of different varieties, they all look and taste different from each other. We always love to hear about which ones you prefer, it really helps us choose what varieties to plant next.

How it works

   strawberries & raspberries

A little bit about us

Pick your own & ready picked           

Our family have farmed on the western perimeter of York since 1982 and before that on a farm on the outskirts of Tadcaster. We have dated our farming routes back to the 1700s, so you are in safe hands. 

The farm is medium in size, and includes arable, grassland and soft fruit and vegetables. The arable land varies in soil type from heavy clay to light sandy soils, allowing us to grow a wide range of crops. The main rotation on the land is Wheat for biscuits, Barley for beer production Oil seed rape for oil for human consumption.

We have meadows which are farmed with minimum inputs and low stocking densities, to allow native wild flowers to flourish. On the meadows in spring and summer we freely graze our flock of 250 ewes and lambs. Our breeding flock of texel mules and suffolk ewes are crossed with a meatlink ram. This year we are now giving you to opportunity to purchase lamb in meat boxes directly from the farm, please click here for more information. 

The farm decided to diversify in 2000 into strawberry Pick Your Own. The first year we planted 1 acre  of Florence and Symphony strawberry plants, after a fantastic year and a lot of great feedback from our customers we added other varieties and moved into raspberries. In 2005 we added different vegetables and other products such as cream and ice cream. And now 16 years later we have relaunched Bluebell Farm, with fresh branding, new website, an active facebook page, nature trail, free prize draw and of course new strawberry plants. 

The field now boasts over 10,000 strawberry plants all ready for you to pick with the beautiful views of the rolling Yorkshire landscape.

The farm is part of Higher Level Environmental Stewardship. On our farm we have wildlife margins,pollen and nectar mixes and wild bird food plots . We committed to this scheme as we strongly believe that helping our environment will not only improve our farm but is important for the next generation.

In 2016 we have launched a Free Prize Draw!!! We have had some fantastic prizes donated for the draw, to find out about these and how to enter click here.